Website Design Secrets to Get You More Sales – Secret 7

Seven Web Secrets7

Seven Website Design Secrets

Seven Website Design Secrets to Get You More Sales

Secret #7 – Get Better

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Most websites don’t work, i.e. don’t contribute sales to your business.  In this series of seven blog posts – Seven Website Design Secrets to Get You More Sales, you will learn how to change that and make your website a sales machine for your business.

Each post will contain a video and text for you to read and a downloadable workbook for you to take notes and use to improve your own website.

Website design secrets: Number seven is to Get Better: once your website is launched, use systems to monitor performance against the desired outcomes and make adjustments to improve the performance of your website against those outcomes.

The work doesn’t stop once you’ve launched your website

A website is a platform to build on, not an end in itself.

Be clear on your content strategy, create a publishing plan for the months ahead and keep adding and sharing great content if you want to get found and loved.

It takes time to build up that head of steam when it comes to driving leads from the web but hold firm.  If you follow these tips and continue to add value, results will come.

Once you have your website live – your mission should be to be the authority in your particular field and to be the most helpful business to your audience for that field.

Measure, Test and Improve

In order to better target your improvement efforts on your website, you need to measure and test what you have in place and determine how well each part of the website is working.


There are two free tools that are essential for every website:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Webmaster tools

These need to be integrated into the website via a tracking code, so that both tools can gather information about the website – how many site visitors per time period, how many pages visited, pages visitors first landed on and pages visitors left from, visitor demographics, and so much more.

In fact, Google Analytics allows you to setup Conversion Goals for your website as well as doing Split testing (sending a proportion of your visitors to an alternate page and comparing how that performs to the main page), and measure the results for identifying improvement opportunities.

Find out if Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools has been integrated on your website, if you already have one – you should have administrator access to both those accounts, so you can setup reports and study what is happening at your website.

Should you require help with this, contact our team via the contact page.

Once your website visitor has gifted you their email address, it’s critical to follow up and to keep providing exceptional value and show how doing business with you will benefit them.

First, you should confirm that you’ve received their details and send them the information that is your Lead Magnet.  Then you should communicate with them on a regular basis via email and other means if appropriate.  Emailing on a regular basis can be automated and yet still personalized with an email marketing system like MailChimp.

Remember – you should be providing exceptional value on a consistent basis, to your subscribers.

In summary then, the seventh and final of our Seven Website Design Secrets, is to Get Better. Monitor your website performance and fine tune to improve.  Of course, always consistently deliver exceptional value and  remember who your audience is.

That brings to an end our Seven Website Design Secrets series.  Please comment below to let us know what action you have taken as a result of this online workshop, we’d be really interested to find out how you’ve applied what you’ve learned.

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