InnovaBuzz Episode #73 – A Website Doesn’t Bring Business: Relationship Information Marketing Does

Relationship Information Marketing

Relationship Information Marketing leads to business

When we meet someone new at a networking event, do we immediately SELL to them and expect to get business?  Unlikely!  Usually, the best we can achieve, is to engage that new acquaintance, get their interest and have follow up meetings that will lead to some sort of business relationship established and may then lead to business as a result of that.  Why then do we expect things to by-pass the building a relationship step online?  Jürgen explores this question on this episode of the InnovaBuzz podcast.

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Show Notes

Key points and take-aways from this episode on Information Marketing:

  • Facebook 9 Lives – providing exceptional content related to what we are working on with fabulous businesses joining us on our Thailand business retreat. The focus has been on the Five Key Factors to creating an exceptional business. Check them out here
  • Your website can be compared to a first meeting with someone new at a networking event. Before that leads to business, you need to build a relationship with your visitors.
  • Building a relationship online is about providing exceptionally useful information, to help your visitors.
  • A blog is the best way to keep providing up to date and useful information to your target audience. If you have a negative perception of “blog”, then call it something else.
  • Consistent information updates are critical – show up and keep providing exceptional value.
  • Five Success Principles – Know Your Outcome, Take Massive Action, Sensory Acuity, Behavioural Flexibility, Physiology and Psycology of Excellence.
  • Here is our Your Best Year Yet Business Retreat, where we work with business owners in a luxury resort, to help them design an awesome year for their business in 2017-18.

In the next podcasts, we’ll explore the idea of Information Marketing online in a lot more depth.  Check back soon!


Consistent information updates - show up and keep providing exceptional value. #InnovaBuzz Podcast Click To Tweet

Listen to the Podcast

Jürgen Strauss

Dr. Jürgen Strauss is a transformational marketing strategist, podcaster, speaker, the chief innovator and founder of Innovabiz who partner with innovative, exceptional business coaches and consultants to enable you to build visibility, professional credibility and a deep connection with your ideal, dream clients, so that you will achieve growth and be able to make a difference to more ideal clients. Jürgen's mantra is Let's Make Marketing Human again. He believes that marketing is the art and science of creating and sustaining exceptional, remarkable customer experiences and relationships. You can find Jürgen on LinkedIn, as well as on Innovabiz' Twitter, Facebook, The InnovaBuzz Podcast, The Tales of Marketing Transformation Show and his personal Photography website.

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