Modern Marketing


Riley Jarvis, Improving Performance by Improving Sleep Quality – InnovaBuzz 519

Riley Jarvis, The Sleep Consultant, talked to me about the importance of sleep to improve our productivity and performance, how everything in our body is interconnected to form a finely tuned machine and what we can do to improve our sleep quality.


Nathan Barnes, Making Your Customers’ Journeys Easy – InnovaBuzz 518

Nathan Barnes talks to me about removing friction points on the customer journeys, making things easy for the customer; really knowing your customer and really caring about their success; and continuous learning and Always Being Curious (ABC).


Soulaima Gourani, How Entrepreneurs can have a Happy, Fulfilled Life – InnovaBuzz 517

Soulaima Gourani talks about the future of work and new way of working; finding clarity of purpose and values in your life; and what we can all do to bring happiness to our life.

Jim Euchner - 516

Jim Euchner, Innovation in Large and Small Organisations – InnovaBuzz 516

Jim Euchner talks about innovation in large vs small organisations, and how each need to be approached differently; the importance of really getting to know your customers – even literally walking in their shoes! and what a “lead user” is and how they are immensely valuable for innovation.

Sunir Shah

Sunir Shah, How the Subscription Economy Helps Businesses Grow Sustainably – InnovaBuzz 515

Sunir Shah talks about solutions are a system, the subscription economy,
and making things easy for customers.

Will Reed

Will Reed, Lessons from Shodo – The Way of the Brush – InnovaBuzz 514

Will Reed talks about the lessons we can learn from Shodo – the way of the brush, finding balance through focus, and being fully present in every performance.

Steve Brody

Steve Brody, The Role of a Leader in Building and Sustaining a Great Culture – InnovaBuzz 513

Steve Brody talks about the role of a leader in building and sustaining the culture of any organization.

Cait Donovan

Cait Donovan, How to End Burnout and Live with More Energy and Joy – InnovaBuzz 512

Cait Donovan talks about ending the burnout culture, gaining resilience, and living life with more energy and joy.

Jess Dewell

Jess Dewell, How to Playfully and Strategically Scale Your Business – InnovaBuzz 511

Jess Dewell talks about planning in a way that is fun, asking better questions, and the importance of self-reflection in a constructive way.