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Elle Ballard, The Value of Cross-Cultural Communities – InnovaBuzz 534

Elle Ballard, Women of the World Network Our guest in this episode is Elle Ballard, a certified Leadership and Personal Brand Coach, best-selling Author, and Speaker and founder of the...
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Craig Lomax, Caring: The Core of Great Leadership – InnovaBuzz 533

Craig Lomax Our guest in this episode is business and leadership coach, Craig Lomax. Prior to his career as a coach, he co-founded and directed Rock-N-Water, an adventure camp in...
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Mike Wittenstein, Understanding Your Customers’ Experience with Active Storytelling – InnovaBuzz 532

Mike Wittenstein, Storyminers Our guest in this episode is Mike Wittenstein, the founder and managing partner at Storyminers. Mike shepherds mid-market companies to higher operating results and profitable exits using...
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Amit Lakhwani, How to Stand Out in Social Media Marketing – InnovaBuzz 531

Amit Lakhwani, AppuSocial Our guest in this episode is Amit Lakhwani, co-founder and managing director of Global Vision Technology, a marketing company focused on driving growth through core principles of...
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Farzad Rashidi, Earning Backlinks through Partnerships – InnovaBuzz 530

Farzad Rashidi, Respona Our guest in this episode is Farzad Rashidi, the lead innovator at Respona, the all-in-one digital PR and link-building software that combines personalization with productivity. He also...
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John Rossman, Lessons and Principles from the Amazon Way – InnovaBuzz 529

John Rossman, The Amazon Way Our guest in this episode is John Rossman, the author of The Amazon Way book series, a former Amazon leader and Managing Partner at Rossman...
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Roy Osing, Be Audacious and Different OR Be Dead – InnovaBuzz 528

Roy Osing, Be Different or Be Dead Our guest in this episode is Roy Osing, a former president, CMO and entrepreneur with over 40 years of successful and unmatched executive...
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Tim Redmond, Leadership begins with Leading Self – InnovaBuzz 527

Tim Redmond, Redmond Growth Consulting Our guest in this episode is Tim Redmond, CEO of Redmond Growth Consulting, an organization designed to help you grow your profits, grow your business...
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Rita Roushdy, A Healthy Money Mindset: Abundance on Demand – InnovaBuzz 526

Rita Roushdy, Money Mindset Expert Our guest in this episode is Rita Roushdy, an international award winning money mindset expert and business coach who works with high level women in...
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