Building a marketing machine with website and information


Building a marketing machine with website and information

Building a marketing machine with your website and online assets involves providing exceptional value through information relevant and helpful to your target audience. There are no shortcuts, it’s a case of consistency. Always be adding value, that builds an assett on an ongoing basis, as well as helping your audience.

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Jürgen Strauss

Dr. Jürgen Strauss is a transformational marketing strategist, podcaster, speaker, the chief innovator and founder of Innovabiz who partner with innovative, exceptional business coaches and consultants to enable you to build visibility, professional credibility and a deep connection with your ideal, dream clients, so that you will achieve growth and be able to make a difference to more ideal clients. Jürgen's mantra is Let's Make Marketing Human again. He believes that marketing is the art and science of creating and sustaining exceptional, remarkable customer experiences and relationships. You can find Jürgen on LinkedIn, as well as on Innovabiz' Twitter, Facebook, The InnovaBuzz Podcast, The Tales of Marketing Transformation Show and his personal Photography website.


  1. Mark Fouet on May 19, 2017 at 21:47

    Thanks Jürgen – am in the process of writing a blog post with a view to using it for video – you’ve just provided it for me! 😉

  2. Mark Fouet on May 19, 2017 at 21:49

    arrggh – the vide ended just before revealing the number one question!… 🙂

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