Chris Michel, A Sales Process is like a Baking Recipe – InnovaBuzz 521

Chris Michel talks to me about value selling – who your customer is and what value they are seeking, building a sales process and how everything we do is, in fact, a process, and his Red Chair Experience.


Brad Tornberg, Personal Fitness as an Indicator of Business Fitness – InnovaBuzz 520

Brad Tornberg talks to me about the concept of Business Fitness that enables peak performance for both the business owner and the business; a simple dashboard to keep projects on track and using technology to gain insights and data and enable deeper human connection.


Riley Jarvis, Improving Performance by Improving Sleep Quality – InnovaBuzz 519

Riley Jarvis, The Sleep Consultant, talked to me about the importance of sleep to improve our productivity and performance, how everything in our body is interconnected to form a finely tuned machine and what we can do to improve our sleep quality.


Nathan Barnes, Making Your Customers’ Journeys Easy – InnovaBuzz 518

Nathan Barnes talks to me about removing friction points on the customer journeys, making things easy for the customer; really knowing your customer and really caring about their success; and continuous learning and Always Being Curious (ABC).


Soulaima Gourani, How Entrepreneurs can have a Happy, Fulfilled Life – InnovaBuzz 517

Soulaima Gourani talks about the future of work and new way of working; finding clarity of purpose and values in your life; and what we can all do to bring happiness to our life.

Jim Euchner - 516

Jim Euchner, Innovation in Large and Small Organisations – InnovaBuzz 516

Jim Euchner talks about innovation in large vs small organisations, and how each need to be approached differently; the importance of really getting to know your customers – even literally walking in their shoes! and what a “lead user” is and how they are immensely valuable for innovation.

Sunir Shah

Sunir Shah, How the Subscription Economy Helps Businesses Grow Sustainably – InnovaBuzz 515

Sunir Shah talks about solutions are a system, the subscription economy,
and making things easy for customers.

Will Reed

Will Reed, Lessons from Shodo – The Way of the Brush – InnovaBuzz 514

Will Reed talks about the lessons we can learn from Shodo – the way of the brush, finding balance through focus, and being fully present in every performance.

Steve Brody

Steve Brody, The Role of a Leader in Building and Sustaining a Great Culture – InnovaBuzz 513

Steve Brody talks about the role of a leader in building and sustaining the culture of any organization.