Jürgen Strauss

Donna Griffit

Donna Griffit, Connecting at a Human Level Through Storytelling – InnovaBuzz 506

Donna Griffit talks about storytelling as a science, bringing benefits to life through the story of a user journey, and connecting at a human level with stories.

Phil M Jones

Phil M Jones, Exactly What to Say: How to Win More in Business and Life – InnovaBuzz 505

Phil M Jones shares his unique wisdom in choosing the words to create meaningful conversations, being strategically curious, and the relentless quest for better.

Bethany Meadows

Bethany Meadows, Time to Thrive: How to Take Your Business to the Next Level – InnovaBuzz 504

Bethany Meadows shares some strategies to achieve next level success in business, the importance of systems and processes, and mapping the customer journey and all touchpoints.

Heather Thorkelson

Heather Thorkelson, How to Grow a Business That Serves You – InnovaBuzz 503

Heather Thorkelson talks about entrepreneurship as a vehicle of change, self-awareness and clarity of purpose, and how to substantially grow a business that serves you.

Mel Engle

Mel Engle, Strategic Leadership: How to Build a Culture of High Performance – InnovaBuzz 502

Mel Engle talks about strategic leadership, innovation, and building a culture of high performance in an organisation.

Jurgen Strauss

Let’s Put Jürgen in the Hot Seat! – InnovaBuzz 501

The tables are turned! In this episode, Cathryn Lloyd and Tom Ruwitch put Jurgen on the hot seat to quiz me about all things innovation, marketing, and podcasting.

Greenroom Central

[Podcast] – Greenroom Central, Transformative Experiences with Human Connection with Dr. Jürgen Strauss

Dr. Jurgen Strauss shares some tips and strategies to organize transformative events and meaningful human connections on the Greenroom Central podcast.

InnovaBuzz 500

Part 3: The Magic 500 Milestone – InnovaBuzz 500

We’re still celebrating the magic 500 milestone for the InnovaBuzz Podcast!In this episode, the final of the three parts, I’m joined by Cathryn Lloyd, Cat Stancik, Wade Galt, Tom Ruwitch, and Maxine Cunningham.

InnovaBuzz 500

Part 2: The Magic 500 Milestone – InnovaBuzz 500

We’re still celebrating the magic 500 milestone for the InnovaBuzz Podcast! In this episode, the second of the 3 parts, we welcome back Joanne Clark and Cydelle Stewart.