Jürgen Strauss

Elle Ballard - InnovaBuzz 534

Elle Ballard, The Value of Cross-Cultural Communities – InnovaBuzz 534

Elle Ballard talks to me about the value in a community of like-minded people where you can share and talk openly about any issues in a safe environment; how running virtual meetings online has enabled rapid geographic growth of the Women of the World Network and why it’s vital to take time away to recharge so you come back to regular activities fully re-charged, re-energized and joyful.

Craig Lomax - InnovaBuzz 533

Craig Lomax, Caring: The Core of Great Leadership – InnovaBuzz 533

Craig Lomax talks to me about the core of great leadership – it is really caring about the people you are serving; why comparison to others may lead to insecurity or arrogance; and why celebrating small wins is important to health and well-being, to growing and developing.

Mike Wittenstein - InnovaBuzz 532

Mike Wittenstein, Understanding Your Customers’ Experience with Active Storytelling – InnovaBuzz 532

Mike Wittenstein talks to me about telling engaging stories in a way that places the customer at the centre; conscious capitalism, adaptive enterprise, regenerative agriculture and making decisions to benefit all and customer experience journey mapping with sketches that enable design of memorable customer experiences.


Amit Lakhwani, How to Stand Out in Social Media Marketing – InnovaBuzz 531

Amit Lakhwani talks to me about best practice tips for social media marketing, how to stand out by early adoption of new features and ways to improve engagement on your social media posts.

Farzad Rashidi - InnovaBuzz 530a

Farzad Rashidi, Earning Backlinks through Partnerships – InnovaBuzz 530

Farzad Rashidi talks to me about building backlinks through partnerships and adding value; using technology to personalize outreach and begin relationships; and how to earn PR mentions in publications.


John Rossman, Lessons and Principles from the Amazon Way – InnovaBuzz 529

John Rossman talks to me about the Amazon Leadership Principles and the unique corporate culture of Amazon; what obsessing over the customer looks like and digital transformation in today’s world.


Roy Osing, Be Audacious and Different OR Be Dead – InnovaBuzz 528

Roy Osing talks to me about strategic game planning focused on execution; hiring for culture via his Goosebump method and differentiating yourself through “only” rather than “best”.

Tim Redmond - InnovaBuzz 527

Tim Redmond, Leadership begins with Leading Self – InnovaBuzz 527

Tim Redmond talks to me about redefining wealth as a creative process of building value by serving other people; why your business should be serving you and how you do that by serving your client and employees; and that leadership begins by leading yourself. It’s a moment by moment management of your emotional state.

Rita Roushdy - InnovaBuzz 526

Rita Roushdy, A Healthy Money Mindset: Abundance on Demand – InnovaBuzz 526

Rita Roushdy, money mindset expert joins me on the InnovaBuzz Podcast to talk about being aware of our environment and our feelings in response – owning those feelings; how we can upgrade our self-worth and our financial thermostat.