Jürgen Strauss


Roy Osing, Be Audacious and Different OR Be Dead – InnovaBuzz 528

Roy Osing talks to me about strategic game planning focused on execution; hiring for culture via his Goosebump method and differentiating yourself through “only” rather than “best”.

Tim Redmond - InnovaBuzz 527

Tim Redmond, Leadership begins with Leading Self – InnovaBuzz 527

Tim Redmond talks to me about redefining wealth as a creative process of building value by serving other people; why your business should be serving you and how you do that by serving your client and employees; and that leadership begins by leading yourself. It’s a moment by moment management of your emotional state.

Rita Roushdy - InnovaBuzz 526

Rita Roushdy, A Healthy Money Mindset: Abundance on Demand – InnovaBuzz 526

Rita Roushdy, money mindset expert joins me on the InnovaBuzz Podcast to talk about being aware of our environment and our feelings in response – owning those feelings; how we can upgrade our self-worth and our financial thermostat.


Genein Letford, Intercultural Creativity – How to Be Creative Together – InnovaBuzz 525

Genein Letford of CAFFE Strategies talks with me about how we are all creative and should keep reminding ourselves; how we can connect to the creative arts to enhance our Intercultural Creativity and always being curious.

Matt Garman - InnovaBuzz 524

Matt Garman, The Sales Playbook – InnovaBuzz 524

Matt Garman of Sales Enabla talks to me about why the average time a sales person stays with a company is only 19 months; creating consistency, sustainability and continued success in your sales through a defined playbook and balancing process and systems with human connection and individual contribution.

Erica Holthausen - InnovaBuzz 523

Erica Holthausen, Questions and Conversations Lead to Great Article Topics – InnovaBuzz 523

Erica Holthausen talks to me about starting your article writing with knowing why you are doing that and who your audience is; questions and conversations that lead to great article topics and being really clear about what we want to be known for.


Sherrie Clark, Book Writing and Publishing Made Easy – InnovaBuzz 522

Sherrie Clark talks to me about the benefits to writing a book, self-publishing a book and combining passion, excellence and great customer service.


Chris Michel, A Sales Process is like a Baking Recipe – InnovaBuzz 521

Chris Michel talks to me about value selling – who your customer is and what value they are seeking, building a sales process and how everything we do is, in fact, a process, and his Red Chair Experience.


Brad Tornberg, Personal Fitness as an Indicator of Business Fitness – InnovaBuzz 520

Brad Tornberg talks to me about the concept of Business Fitness that enables peak performance for both the business owner and the business; a simple dashboard to keep projects on track and using technology to gain insights and data and enable deeper human connection.